Wednesday, October 25, 2006


BIRD: Get this, dude. That German geezer Ralf.

BUFFALO: Oh, him. Mr Babelfish Schweinhund Shagger.

BIRD: That's the one. Well... his book...

BUFFALO: Gescheitze Strasse Nomer Eins.

BIRD: The Plasterung... has sent the big hitters in the publishing world into a bidding war.

BUFFALO: No way!

BIRD: As a result of appearing on da blog, like.


BIRD: They're talking half a mill.


BIRD: Apparent Lee, the internet yoot love all that pidjin-English-where's-the-fookin'-verb-and-object-MTV-has-fooked-over-our-beautiful-language- this-makes-no-sense-shite.

BUFFALO: Bunch of dummy kopfs!

BIRD: So...


BIRD: As a mark of gratitude...


BIRD: Ralf is gonna let us serialize the first six chapters on da blog.

BUFFALO: Goering on die Scheitze hausen! Nichts!

BIRD: Ja. Isn't that great news?

BUFFALO: Wunderbra! Check, pliz!

BIRD: And his German publishers want to translate Tails From The Bird & Buffalo Uncut.

BUFFALO: Ah, diese besser, like. But tell me I don't have to be called Bueffel.

BIRD: Nah, course not. The name stays the same.

BUFFALO: Praise the Lord.

BIRD: And get this... for the launch party, we're going to Berlin to meet the Hoff.

BUFFALO: David Hasselhoff?! Grrrrrrrrrrrreat! Whoopee. I love that guy. You know he's got a 16-inch schlonger?

BIRD: Really?

BUFFALO: Yup. Maybe if we play our cards right, he'll let us sing on his next single.

BIRD: Yes... Anyhoo, moving on. Press releases to write, photo shoots to arrange.

BUFFALO: Not half, Birdman.

BIRD: Film at eleven.

BUFFALO: Gerade aus. Arf, arf!

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