Wednesday, October 18, 2006


BUFFALO: Gently does it. Sleep, Sparkers old chum, sleep. I know you've got some cash in that mattress of yours and I'm gonna find it, I mean borrow it. Times are hard and you don't need it, not now Cindy's cinders, like. Ah, what's that? Something lumpy. Yes, I think it could be exactly what the doc ordered. Wass this? A newspaper, from 1985. Pasadena Times. "Embezzler Walter Sparkington Flees Court House. Massive Manhunt Begins." Gott und Himmell, Sparky, just WHO are you?

SPARKY: (muttering) I'll... get you, Charlie. Not another step, man. I'll blow yer head off, marzipan.

BUFFALO: Mon dieu. A fugitive from justice, like. Gawd, is that the time. The wolf will be howling out yonder. Gotta go. Jeez, wot am I doing? Sparky must never know. But... My oldest friend. But... Stuck with me through thick and thin. But... There might be a reward for his capture. Sorry, old chum, the law's the law. And this poor auld Buff's got no choice.

(shuffles away while tittering maniacally)

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