Wednesday, October 04, 2006


BIRD: Feeling decidedly wibbly this mawning.

BUFFALO: Wot was THAT all about?

BIRD: Dunno. But I'm glad it's over.

BUFFALO: Oh, they'll be back.

BIRD: You think so?

BUFFALO: But I'm not sure about the others.

BIRD: Shite on a Tricycle wrapped up in Cheddar Cheese Dumplings! Potty Dotty!

BUFFALO: And Sparky!

BIRD: And Puck!

BUFFALO: And Fifi!

BIRD: And... and... all the others that we haven't got time to name.

BUFFALO: Shame about Potty Dotty and Sparky. Thought it was built to last.

BIRD: If it's not meant to be...

BUFFALO: And whatever happened to The Sage of Sweden?

BIRD: Probably got bigger fish to fry.

BUFFALO: You don't think it was the foreign language thang? I mean he did get voted off.

BIRD: Gotta keep our readers happy.

BUFFALO: But what about us? What about OUR happiness? Appreciation isn''t everything.

BIRD: Dude, they LOVE you. Isn't that enough?

BUFFALO: Ya think I'm being greedy?

BIRD: Yep.

BUFFALO: Gawd, I hate myself. I'm SO fookin' up me own ass. Me, me, me! 'Twas ever thus.

BIRD: Tread cautiously, Buff, as you stumble through this life.

WALTER EGO SNR: Shall we tell 'em?

BUFFALO: Oh, Fook a Giraffe up a Gum Tree with Hob-Nailed Boots on! It's them!!

BIRD: Eh? Who? I didn't hear anything.

BUFFALO: The Walter Egos!

WALTER EGO JNR: I thought you said they couldn't hear us any more?!

WALTER EGO SNR: Well, one of them can't.

BUFFALO: Wot the fook! They're plotting against us!

BIRD: Oh, come off it, Buffo. You're imagining it. Relax, have a swig of Benadryl. You'll feel SO much better afterwards.

WALTER EGO SNR & JNR: Hahahahahahahahahaha...

BUFFALO: Make them go away, Birdy!

BIRD: Buffters, chill out. No-one's gonna hurt you.

WALTER EGO SNR & JNR: We're coming to get you...

BUFFALO: Gott und Himmell an der Oder mit der Schlonger Hammer! Save me!

BIRD: Cool it, dude. The neighbours'll hear you. You don't want the cops calling round again.

WALTER EGO SNR & JNR: Smile for the camera...

BUFFALO: Helllllllllllllp!


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