Wednesday, August 09, 2006


SPARKY: That is just too bloody cool, man. I read bedtime stories to Cindy too. About tall handsome men and damsels in distress and dragons and dungeons. Cindy has trouble sleeping too. When she was young, she was traumatized by an INCIDENT. She was in therapy for years and years and years, and then she met me, at the toy shop. And now she's as happy as a fly in ointment. But Judy, at the bowling alley, she gets SO jealous of her. When we go out for a bite at the diner, she INSISTS that I leave Cindy in the car. So I say, no way, Jose, ain't gonna leave no friend of mine locked up in the parking lot. And then Judy says, "You big jerkoff, she's just a doll, get over it." Just a doll? Just a doll?! Judy can be SO hurtful sometimes. But I've explained it all to Cindy and she's cool with it. Man, some people can be SO inconsiderate sometimes. What I say is we all gotta get along. 'Nam taught me that. 'Nam taught me a lotta things. Hold on to yer dream. That's what 'Nam taught me. And when you wake up, man, when you look at yourself in the mirror, it's cool. Everybody's cool. In their own way. And everybody's got their own mirror. Their own reflection. You know what I'm saying? Cos they're out there, and they're gonna get you, man. Sooner... or later. Come on, Cinders, let's go play. Later.

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