Wednesday, August 16, 2006


SPARKY: Back in 'Nam, we liked it short and sweet, man. Slam, wham, bam, thank you, 'Nam. But it was REAL good. Pretty colors.

BIRD: Wot the fook is he on about?

BUFFALO: Wish I knew, dude.

SPARKY: Watch yer wanger, man, the Charlie are everywhere. Good thing I got ma grenade ready.

BUFFALO: Omigod! Sparky, old chap, put that thing down.

SPARKY: They come anywhere near me and it's ka-boom time.

BUFFALO: Gimme that, you fookwit and a half!

SPARKY: Hey, man, that's mine. I want it back.

BUFFALO: Go and play with Cindy and yer friends. Now!

SPARKY: You be careful, Buff. Coz they're out there, waitin' and they're gonna get us.

BIRD: Jeez! You OK, Buff?

BUFFALO: Gimme a minute, will ya. Think I just soiled meself. Now where's the fookin' pin?


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