Wednesday, August 30, 2006


BIRD: The Sage of Sweden sits by his PC waiting to Sky Pee.

BUFFALO: Ha! The Sage of Sweden... Wot's he got that I ain't?

BIRD: Smouldering eyes, chiselled features, rippling pecs, a laff to melt the heart of even the bitchiest of fair maidens.

BUFFALO: Bet he's a broody dude too.

BIRD: Sure is. Have you seen his poetry? Better to cut out the middle man and slit yer wrists REAL quick. He's also the ONLY one living who has seen EVERY Bergman film MORE than once.

BUFFALO: Holy macaroni Toe Jam shit! It's the Bergman thang! Why do gals fall for that?

BIRD: It's deep, Buff. Let's leave it at that.

BUFFALO: His poetry, you say.

BIRD: Legendary. Available online at Here's a few to whet yer appetite. This one's called The Void.

The Void

The Void
Out there

BUFFALO: Wot the... The guy's a friggin' genius!

BIRD: And get this. This is my favourite. Known to millions as Raised Eyebrow.

Raised Eyebrow

I raised my eyebrow
Before it was
Too late

BUFFALO: Fook me on a candy stick with marzipan. How does he do it?

BIRD: How indeed. And that's why Fifi's gone to see him.

BUFFALO: Ya mean, to be at one with her inner darkness?

BIRD: Yup.

BUFFALO: Well, good for her. Hey, Birdy.

BIRD: Yes, Buff?

BUFFALO: It's nice just the two of us, ain't it? No-one butting in.

BIRD: Real nice.

BUFFALO: Hey, wait, I can feel a Limerick coming on. Later.

BIRD: Film at eleven.

BUFFALO: Arf, arf!

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Lilith said...

Poetry, yeah! Pithy stuff. That's where it is, alright. But where's the Sage these days?