Monday, September 11, 2006


BIRD: Buff, they're coming to take Dotty away!

BUFFALO: Omigod.

BIRD: Just what exactly did you say to her?

BUFFALO: Nuffin'. Honest. But she wouldn't stop laffin'.

BIRD: There must be something we can do to untickle her funny bone.

BUFFALO: Give her the old bow anchor up the derriere treatment.

BIRD: Crikey, Buff. Is that really necessary?

BUFFALO: Mind you, after that she may NEVER laff again.

BIRD: I was thinking more along the lines of putting on a Leonard Cohen CD, or Perry Como, praps.

BUFFALO: Perry Como? That's worse than frontal Jell-O torture. Maybe... maybe...

BIRD: Yes?

BUFFALO: Oh, wot the fook, just tell her about global warming. That'll wipe the smile off her ass... er, face.

BIRD: Righty-ho.

FIFI: Miss Dotty, take this washcloth and wash down as far as possible. Then start at your feet and wash up as far as possible. "But nurse, when do I wash possible?"

BUFFALO: Ah, Fifi. Every utterance a gem. You light up my life.

FIFI: And ignite your loins.

BUFFALO: Oh, the loins, the loins. Is there no end to debt?

(Dotty guffaws uncontrollably)

BIRD: Now look what you've done! Can you stop being so fooking funny, just for a minute?!

BUFFALO: Sor-ry, Birdman. Fifi, I'm on my way.

FIFI: First left, second right, then straight ahead.

(Dotty writhes around on floor, frothing at mouth)

BIRD: Oh, lummee!

BUFFALO: Oh, Mommy!

FIFI: Oh, scrummy!

BIRD: Film at eleven.

BUFFALO: Arf, arf!

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Nate James said...

hahaha what the fuck?