Tuesday, September 19, 2006


DOTTY: I'm back, everyone!

SPARKY: That you, Potty Dotty?

DOTTY: The one and only. But I have to be brief. I'm only allowed to call for a minute and then it's back to the straitjacket and crash helmet.

SPARKY: Are your nipples OK?

DOTTY: My what?

SPARKY: They're not missin' nor nothin'?

DOTTY: You Yanks, you're all the same. Obsessed with ladies' mammalia.

SPARKY: Well, nipples, actually, man. I saw some yesterday and I kinda like 'em. Don't suppose you'd e-mail me yours, wouldya?

DOTTY: Dear boy, MEN have them too!

SPARKY: You sure?

DOTTY: Of course I'm sure. Look in the mirror!

SPARKY: Oh, wow! Kinda nice. But I think I prefer women's. Say, does it tickle when you stroke them?

DOTTY: Oh, really! You're just TOO uncouth, my lad. Give that strapping auld Buff my best regards.

SPARKY: Sure will.

DOTTY: How I've missed him. Oh, and by the way, I've become a lesbian. It's the only way to get Blair out. But I'll make an exception for Buffo. Cheerio.

SPARKY: Right-o. Ooh-hoooo, it's SO ticklish. Cherry. Definitely cherry.


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Mike said...

Men have nipples? Whoda thunk?

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