Monday, September 04, 2006


BUFFALO: Thanks, Birdy, old chap.

BIRD: Nice and sunny here. Got the chiropodist coming soon.


BIRD: The big toe on my right foot got mashed a few years ago.

BUFFALO: Nasty. What happened?

BIRD: I dropped a fookin' sledgehammer on it when I was in the shed making a bird box.


BIRD: Waste of time that was. Stoopid squiggy nicks all the nuts anyway. And now the nail's upside down, if you get mah drift. Always twitches when it's going to rain.

BUFFALO: Must be hell.

BIRD: Oh, I get by. Better than having your Freddy mashed.


BIRD: So, anyhoo, have a great day, dude.

BUFFALO: Sure will, Birdman. Fifi and The Sage of Sweden are coming round for some pancakes and shit.

BIRD: Wow. Wish I could be there.

BUFFFALO: Sparky's bought Cindy a new dress for the occasion.

BIRD: Oh, lumme.

BUFFALO: He's getting the Toe Jam ready as we speak.

BIRD: Yum.

BUFFALO: A Parent Lee, The Sage wants a chat about Bergman or something.

BIRD: Most intriguing. There's the bell. Think Miss Crackingham is here. See ya later.

BUFFALO: Cheerio, El Birdio.

BIRD: Film at eleven.

SPARKY: My, ain't Cindy a picture in her new dress! She looks good enough to eat.

BUFFALO: Thank Gott und Himmel she ain't made of marzipan. Arf, arf!

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kathryn said...

Pancakes and shit? Yucko! I always do pancakes with jam/honey/sugar.