Saturday, September 16, 2006


BIRD: I dunno. Some people. First, they want to axe the gal. Now they want her to stay.

BUFFALO: Fickle lot. What happens when the Benadryl runs out?

BIRD: Cerebral massage. New Age hippy shit et al. Might work.

BUFFALO: Dude, is Dotty coming back, yay oder nay?

BIRD: Dude, Dotty's so toxed up right now, she don't know where she is. Sides, she's got no lines.

BUFFALO: Well, then give her some. It ain't hard.

BIRD: Think we'll have to turn it over to the fans to decide.
All vote now.

BUFFALO: Hold it. What's that, Sparky?

SPARKY: Never mind Potty Dotty. What about me? Cindy's left me. Gone in the night.

BIRD & BUFFALO: Oh, lummee!

BIRD: Better call the cops.

BUFFALO: Better come quick.

BIRD: While the trail's still warm.

SPARKY: Cindy! Cindy! If you leave me now...

BUFFALO: You'll take away the biggest part of me...

BIRD: Don't! Just don't!

BUFFALO: Ten points, methinks.

BIRD: Film at eleven.

BUFFALO: Arf. arf!

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