Thursday, September 14, 2006


BUFFALO: Wot news of Dotty, Birdman?

BIRD: She's hanging by a thread.

BUFFALO: Wait, don't tell me. It's on the tip o' mah tongue.

BIRD: Dude, not EVERYTHING is a lyric. Sometimes, just occasionally it's a part of dialogue wherein somebody is trying to impart some information.

BUFFALO: Didn't Dylan do sumfin' with the line "We're hanging by a thread"?

BIRD: Forget Dylan. We're talking about Dotty looping the loop. She's knocking on the door.

BUFFALO: Wee-hee. Heaven's door, right? Gimme another.

BIRD: Jeez. Wot did she ever see in you?

FIFI: Oh, imagine the confusion of the green ring snake.
From tickling tourists in knickers
to whirling in suds among not-so-clean duds
Which situation is worse, for goodness sake?
Illegal immigrants cannot be pickers.
At least that reptile, humble,
A Filipino exile,
was spared a tumble
in the dryer.

BUFFALO: Snakes ahoy, Cap'n!

BIRD: Why do I bother?

BUFFALO: Arf, arf!

FIFI: And in other news: Steve Irwin's dead. RIP, Crocodile Man.

BUFFALO: Who's Steve Irwin? Did he play in Black Sabbath in the early days? Da da daaaaaaaa!

BIRD: (rolls eyes) Don't bother coming back, Dotty. It's not worth it.

FIFI: Film at eleven.

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kathryn said...

Dotty saves the the day!