Tuesday, September 12, 2006


BUFFALO: How's Dotty?

BIRD: Sedated. On a Benadryl drip.

BUFFALO: Poor gal.

BIRD: It all comes back to her childhood, dude. When she was two, somebody stole her dolly. She's never been the same since. Mind you, she was pretty cut up at nine when her father was trampled half to death by an escaped Aardvark at London Zoo.

BUFFALO: Omigod. Is he still alive?

BIRD: Nah, the flies made mincemeat of him ten years ago. Not a pretty sight.

BUFFALO: Life's a bitch.

BIRD: You said it. Anyway, the Jehovah's Witnesses came to see her this morning.

BUFFALO: Oh, for fook's sake.

BIRD: Well, I say the Jehovah's Witnesses. It's her mum and her two aunts.

BUFFALO: Mercy. So there never really was any hope.

BIRD: Not until you came into her life.


BIRD: Get on a plane, a ship, a balloon, whatever, but get your arse over here.

BUFFALO: Dude, I am a donkey's ass hair away from Loonville.

BIRD: She keeps calling for ya. Says you're the only one who can break the spell. So Frank Lee, Buffo, you ain't got a choice.

BUFFALO: But I thought she liked Sparky...

BIRD: We're all relying on ya, dude. Don't let us down.

BUFFALO: Nobody ever really loved me like she do me...

BIRD: Exactomundo.

BUFFALO: But what about Monica?

BIRD: She'll wait.

BUFFALO: Jump aboard for the ghost-train ride of pride and wait for the tide.


BUFFALO: Just sumfin' me old pa used to say. Gave him strength to carry on.


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