Friday, September 15, 2006


BIRD: Had a stack of e-mails today from people saying they don't give a damn wot happens to Dotty. They THINK we're dragging the story out for dramatic effect.

BUFFALO: Don und Blitz Son! No compassion.

BIRD: They SAY they want more titties and rogering.

BUFFALO: Omigod! I blame it on reality TV. That and the Paris Hilton video. And wot of Dotty?

BIRD: Not sexy enuff. She's gotta go.

BUFFALO: Oh, hum.

BIRD: Titties at eleven, Buff. I mean...

BUFFALO: Arf, arf!


Lilith said...

What! No Dottie? The Dotties of the world are what keeps this ole globe spinning.
I'd think twice before removing her. Have you no loyalty? No compassion?

Lilith said...

No. Dottie has become an integral part of B&B. She must not become one of the disappeared.