Wednesday, September 13, 2006


BUFFALO: Dude, I got five dollars 60 cents in this here piggy bank o' mine. So I ain't goin' nowhere.

BIRD: Pity, cos I don't think our Dotty's gonna make it wid out you.

BUFFALO: Whaddya mean?

BIRD: She's having surgery right now. BRAIN salad surgery.

BUFFALO: Now wait a minute. That rings a bell.

BIRD: They're starting with the bit behind the ears then working their way across.

BUFFALO: We're talking prog rock, am I right?

BIRD: Dude, we're talking about someone's life here, held in the balance.

BUFFALO: Sure it was. That dude with the long hair who played honky tonk piano. And the guy who sang about Chrissy Mass.

BIRD: The next 24 hours are crucial. She could end up in a persistent vegetarian state.

BUFFALO: Now what was their name?

BIRD: Dude! You may never see or hear Dotty again! Focus!

BUFFALO: Nah, that weren't it. Focus was that Dutch band, or Belgian band, or sumfin'. Had a hit with Hocus Pocus, or whatever it was called.

BIRD: Well, thanks for your deep, heart-felt support. I'll pass on your best wishes.

BUFFALO: Preferred Thin Lizzy meself. Now them dudes knew how to rock. (sings) The boys are back in town... boys are back in town... Dah... Dah... The boys are back in tow-ow-a-ow-ow-nnnn...

BIRD: (rolls eyes) Poor Dotty! Shame on you, Buff! Wot's wrong with Bachman Turner Overdrive, eh? (sings) You ain't seen nothing yet... da da da da da da da da... You just ain't seen nothing yet...

FIFI: Film at eleven.


apositivepessimist said...

Blogmad hit on the birdie and buffy show!

apositivepessimist said...

yeah am an Oz and no I don't reckon we'd be ready for youse yet ;))

birdandbuffalo said...

Aw, shucks. What we gotta do to make it better?