Wednesday, July 12, 2006

O Sweet Mystery Of Love - ON MY iPOD

BIRD: You awake, Buff?


BIRD: Wassup?

BUFFALO: It's that minx Fifi Lamour. She's always on my mind.

BIRD: She's all woman.

BUFFALO: So she finally declares her love for the randy auld Buffalo, like, and high time, too. Although this probably confirms my suspicions that she'd been getting high more often on the old puff-puff. BTW, she mentioned that she's been in the Kooky jar once too often and has requested time orf for good behaviors, but her pleas have fallen on the deaf ears of the good time Kooky, who has the blues whenever Fifi becomes out of touch, so to speak. I suggested that she add a bit more potassium nitrate to the Kooky mix and the corn dog batter, as that auld dawg needs to be a bit more salty, if you get my incontinental drift... which rewinds me... June Allyson died yesterday (sniffle). As a misspent youth I was smitten with her character in "The Three Musketeers" - D'Artagnan's love... she was so wonderfully sweet and minxy. And her voice... melted my brains, it did. I was heartbroken (and housebroken) when she started doing commericals for Depends, although the thought of changing her diapers did produce an erotic dream... of sorts. I especailly enjoyed the bit about the talcum powder, but I digress. Adieu, June, you will be missed, if not mussed. And as for Fifi, ooh, la, la!

BIRD: Mon dieu!

BUFFALO: Ahhh-rf, ahhh-rf.

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