Tuesday, July 11, 2006


BIRD: We've had e-mails and shit. People want to know about Fifi.

BUFFALO: Fair nuff. But don't go too close to the bone there, dude.

BIRD: Well, here's a little background. Ever since Fifi saw Buff's portrait on a nickel she has been hopelessly smitten--travelled the plains of the world to find him then by happy chance, stranded by a snowstorm in Detroit, she slipped on the ice and landed at his feet. Their passion flamed like a barn struck by lightning but eventually the embers grew cold. Now she is Buff's greatest fan, follows him around with a steno pad, and a napkin to catch the emanations of his mouth.

BUFF: (sighs) Arf, arf...

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Lilith said...

That Fifi will go to any length to abase herself if you get my drift. She's a groupie from way back. No success with the music scene, so now she's trying her luck with the high-class literati.The contents of her brain wouldn't even fill very small thimble.
Don't say I didn't warn you.