Thursday, July 13, 2006


BUFFALO: I see the ads are gone, dude.

BIRD: Yep.

BUFFALO: Wot happened?

BIRD: Invalid clickings or sumthin'. That fookster Bud Dumbwilly the 9th, the Phantom Clicker, probably broke his parole and clicked our pension to boogery.

BUFFALO: Bummer. 250 grand down the Swan-ee.

BIRD: Still better to be poor and satiated than to be able to fart through the eye of a needle. Or sumthin' like that.

BUFFALO: Too-do-loo, Portaloo.

BIRD: Sayonara, fancy dress.

BUFFALO: So long, adieu, megalomania.

BIRD: Hactually, who gives an Adam's apple. *********** 'em.

BUFFALO: Backwards with a power drill.

BIRD: Still got Fifi.

BUFFALO: Bless her cotton socks.

BIRD: Don't write the cheque out, Momma!

BUFFALO: Arf, arf!

1 comment:

Lilith said...

I would not trust Fifi farther than I could throw her. Read her name backwards. I rest my case.