Saturday, July 01, 2006


"You pick up this book, with its garish cover that depicts a deranged woodpecker pecking at the head of a retarded-looking buffalo, tongue lolling, possibly drooling, and you instinctively know that someone is either playing a really sick-ass joke on you, or that you're in for a non-stop belly laugh that will have you puking your guts up. Halfway through the first page you will spit coffee or Red Bull all over yourself, and by the end of the first chapter you will be laughing so hard you'll soil yourself. And guess what? You won't give a shit. 'Tails From The Bird & Buffalo' is like a double dose of Carlos Mencia and Lewis Black on Owlsley acid. This book is the elixir for what ails the entire weasel-crazed planet. Buy two copies. You'll want to read it twice, and your pothead roommate is bound to steal one copy." - Rollin' Stoned

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