Friday, July 07, 2006


BIRD: Buff? Where are you? I woz on the john, like, reading our book - Tails From The Bird & Buffalo (SOLD OUT, GOTTA WAIT FOR THE SECOND EDITION, VISITORS. BUY TWO, YOU'LL WANT TO READ IT TWICE). Wot a laff it is, especially the bit about the KGB in tights at Stuckey's. Hilarious. But I divest. Looks like Sparky's flipped so many burgers he's flipped himself. Have you tried ringing EXTREMELY CHALLENGED PROSTATES ANONYMOUS? They've always helped him out in the past. Or maybe BLADDERS APOSTLES? Though I think they make a call-out charge now. Guess the only other thing is to tell him Tin Tin's on TV.

Buff? Are you there? Speak to me, dude.

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