Thursday, November 16, 2006


BIRD: You OK there, dude?

BUFFALO: I have just recently regained consciousness, dreams of sugar plums rudely interrupted and was th… k… ng at… my… be…

BIRD: You’re breaking up, Buff.

BUFFALO: Therefore I must whomp up some English Breakfast tea and artificially-flavored low sugar maple oatmeal (oh, yum), flog Igor, steam clean me gulliver, and try to kick-start me brain. Hold on, Birdman, the door.

BIRD: Dum dum de dum…

BUFFALO: That was Desmo from downstairs. It’s about the door knobs.


BUFFALO: They’ve replaced the door knobs on the door downstairs but now the lock’s gone.

BIRD: Oh, arse!

BUFFALO: Thus the multiple stabbing pile-up downstairs and the cops running amok. Just another typical day at the Carfax Arms.

BIRD: Burnt Scheisseschlanger on a bike! Are you OK?

BUFFALO: Dandy, me old fruit and nut. About the ode…

BIRD: To Borat?

BUFFALO: It’ll have to wait. Got a hot date, ya know. Will tomorrow be OK?

BIRD: Sure.

BUFFALO: I may be having a reaction to the Ritalin… fluttering heart an’ all. Hang on, it’s the fookin’ door again.

BIRD: Dum dum de dum…

BUFFALO: Now the door knobs have gone as well. Beam me up, Vienna. So anyhoo, saw Borat the movie again last night. What a scream, lad! Omigod! I can still see Azamat’s gynormous butt on his face.

BIRD: Yes, I thought you might bring that up.

BUFFALO: Hey, nice job with the asylum caper.

BIRD: It’s the least I could do.

BUFFALO: Puts Pubistan on the map too, tee-hee-ta-ha-ha.

BIRD: Verily. And guess who gets a 10% cut of any package holiday bookings to go see the Pubes.

BUFFALO: Respect, Birdman. Jeez Us, it's the fookin’ door AGAIN again. Sorry bout dis.

BIRD: Dum dum de dum…

BUFFALO: Gotta go. They’ve found Sparky. Doesn’t look good.

BIRD: Oh, crikey! Borat at eleven.

BUFFALO: Yag She Mash arf, arf!

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