Wednesday, June 20, 2007


BUFFALO: I went out last nite for a walk, dude.

BIRD: Oh, yeah?

BUFFALO: Oh, yeah! And it got me thinking about the cosmic cowinkledink, how everything's connected, how nothing stays the same and how a name's a name but not by any other name, if you get m'drift.

BIRD: Waiting patiently for the punchline here, dude.

BUFFALO: There ain't no punchline, Birdy. Just neurons, millions of 'em, bouncing around inside ma' head. And to be touched, to be blessed, my son... to be truly touched by the interconstellatory highway of pure light is a joy beyond joys, a vertitable spiritual orgasm in perpetuity that nobody can take away or transublimate into another time and space and classification, Bravo 2-80.

BIRD: Writing this down here, Buffters. You sure they haven't dumped sumfink toxic in yer water, like?

BUFFALO: Dude, do you know wot nodding sagely means?

BIRD: Nope, but you're gonna tell me, right?

BUFFALO: It's an inside joke, 10-4, scramble. But you gotta be inside to geddit.

BIRD: Inside wot, dude?

BUFFALO: It's an acceptance of wot lies ahead and wot's gone before.

BIRD: You mean, live and let live, like?

BUFFALO: Not really, but bear with me. I regurgitate, last nite I went a-walking and I felt a tap on my shoulder, ever so gently, bow the anchor 5-7. And I turned to look behind and I felt the weight of all my yesterdays.

BIRD: Golly gosh! Did ya soil yerself, like?

BUFFALO: No, dude. I picked up that weight, took aim and threw that no good son of a Dark One bitch into the lake.

BIRD: Way to go, Buff! Maximum udulation!

BUFFALO: 10-11, dude.

BIRD: And then wot?

BUFFALO: I sat down at the water's edge and cried like a baby without a decent teat to suck on. And then I got a call from Mindy.

BIRD: You darty auld Buff.

BUFFALO: She came down to the lake and we made love to the howling of wolves till da early hours.

BIRD: I see.

BUFFALO: And as we lay there, in the sludge and grime, Mindy told me something she'd never told anyone before, that she'd never seen gray before, only black and white.

BIRD: Wow. You gave her grey, Buffo.

BUFFALO: I gave her gray. Freddy 5-0. And now she's gonna use it.

BIRD: Youse all heart, dude.

BUFFALO: Wid a little bit of da flesh, like. Echo 9-7.

BIRD: Tincture at eleven?

BUFFALO: Arf, arf!

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