Wednesday, June 20, 2007


SIR WALTER RALEIGH: In sooth, when a shift's turned up, delay is meet for naught but dalliance. Boccaccio hath a story of a priest that did beguile a maid into his cell, then knelt him in a corner to pray for grace to be rightly thankful for this tender maidenhead ye Lord had sent him; but ye abbot, spying through ye key-hole, did see a tuft of brownish hair with fair white flesh about it, wherefore when ye priest's prayer was done, his chance was gone, forasmuch as ye little maid had but ye one pride of place, and that was already occupied to her content.


golfwidow said...

Hey, Abbot!

(Oh, Mr. Belpit. Your legs are so swollen.)

Internet Operation Manger Mr.Ekeh said...

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