Tuesday, February 20, 2007


BIRD: Guess if you can't beat 'em...

BUFFALO: Dude, now you're just being silly. You've lost yer color.

BIRD: Desperate measures. Like you said.

BUFFALO: But but but but but...

BIRD: I've even shaved off me pubes, like.


BIRD: In solidarity. Saw Britney last nite on Fookwits Global TV. Felt VERY sorry for her.

BUFFALO: Yer all heart, dude. And just as I woz beginning to feel like a tit for doing something VERY dumb.

BIRD: Some geezer at Fox wanted to interview me. About the pubes, like.

BUFFALO: And yer Freddy?

BIRD: Still in full working order as far as I can tell.

BUFFALO: No complaints from da missus then?

BIRD: Nope. She likes it smooth.

BUFFALO: Maybe I should...

BIRD: Maybe you should.

BUFFALO: But if I did, I'd feel TOTALLY nekkid.

BIRD: Wear it loud and proud, Buffo.

BUFFALO: OK, I will. Just one thing.

BIRD: Wassat?

BUFFALO: Gotta fess up. It's so fookin' cold without da kopf that I've got to wear a woolly hat, like.

BIRD: Wot? You in a woolly hat? Gotta be seen to be relieved.

BUFFALO: Don't even like her frickin' music, dude.

BIRD: Hey, neither do I.

BUFFALO: Me head doc said it's got nuffink to do with Britney. Apparent Lee, I've got identity issues.

BIRD: Then wot have I got?

BUFFALO: A herd mentality.

BIRD: Wassat?

BUFFALO: In one ear, out da udder.

BIRD: Rimshot! Film at eleven?

BUFFALO: Arf, arf! Sparky! Seen my woolly hat anywhere?

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