Monday, June 19, 2006


BIRD: Did ya see this, Buff?


BIRD: The Aussies are going after the Cane Toads again. They're talking about using Cane Toads for army firing practice. The first sniper to explode 1,000 Cane Toad rectums gets a year's supply of Castlemaine XXXX lager.

BUFFALO: Jeez, that's a lot of rectum.

BIRD: Sure is. Says here "Unofficial spokesperson for the World Cane Toad Community, Two-Jags Prescott (who bears an uncanny resemblance to the much hated species) pleaded with the Australian government for understanding of the Cane Toads' plight: 'They're sweet little creatures that jump a lot. Can't you give 'em another chance?'"

BUFFALO: Hey, isn't he the dude who's going to play Toad of Toad Hall in Michael Winner's vigilante remake of Wind In The Willows?

BIRD: None other. He gets to spills his guts over the closing credits.


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