Tuesday, June 27, 2006


BIRD: So, whaddya think of that, Buff?

BUFFALO: Great. Er, what place were we last week?

BIRD: Dude, we're a new entry!


BIRD: Must be doing something right.

BUFFALO: Must be.

BIRD: Seen Sparky lately?

BUFFALO: Sparky has just aroused himself and slunk out the door, presumably on his way to The Larry's workhouse. Hmmm, wonder if Sparky's old job is still available? I can see myself now, in the blood smeared apron, a totally gay paper hat on my melon. A zaftig matron approaches the counter, eyeing me warily, clutching her purse like grim Death, lest I leap over the chest-high counter to snatch it away from her. Sensing a sale, I spring into action... "We have some lovely Vienna Boy's Choir sausage this morning, madam. Would you like to try a wee sample? Would you prefer it slathered with mayonaisse or dipped in hot mustard? What's that you say? Two pounds of ground gopher guts? Coming right up, madam. Could I interest you in some lovely Upchuck Steak this morning?

BIRD: Everyone a winner. That oughtta yank us up the charts a few places.

BUFFALO: I aim to please.

BIRD: Write the cheque out, Momma!

BUFFALO: Arf, arf!


Lilith said...
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Lilith said...

Keep soaring, Bird. And Buffalo, keep on slogging.Tweet tweet and arf arf. On to the summit of Blog-humourdom!