Sunday, April 06, 2008


BIRD: Shameful self-emulation, I know, but have you heard about Maxim Ripyorebollokov's Notes From Pubistan in the excellent mag Insolent Rudder at

BUFFALO: Birdy, you know what happens when you introduce a character within a character.

BIRD: Dude, it's not me. Not the REAL me. And Maxim's a pal. In need.

BUFFALO: Now hold on there, buddy. Am I talking to you, Maxim, or Stu?

BIRD: Eh? Me, natch. Why'd you ask?

BUFFALO: Cos I just don't know any more. And what's the deal with the editor of Insolent Rudder at This Tim Ljunggren dude... Isn't he the Sage of Sweden?

BIRD: Is he? Who told you that?

BUFFALO: You did, you plank!

BIRD: Oh. You know, I really don't know. I mean, I've parleyed with him on Skype and all and NOTHING he said led me to believe he's in any way a Swede-oh.

BUFFALO: Tim Ljunggren?

BIRD: No, dude! The Sage of Sweden!

BUFFALO: Jeez, Birdman. I feel like I don't know my ass from my Freddy these daze. Wikkid zine, though, dude. Some seriously cool stories and those cartoons... Marja Hagborg is AWESOME!

BIRD: You better believe it.

BUFFALO: So anyhoo, wot's this Insolent Rudder at all about, like?

BIRD: It's about deviating, turning moments.

BUFFALO: Excuse me?

BIRD: If you were a boat, you'd have an insolent rudder at steering you off the chartered course and being uppity about it too...

BUFFALO: Hey, I like dat!

BIRD: Spread the word.

BUFFALO: Sure will. And Maxim Ripyorebollokov... he doesn't really work as an innards consultant at State Rabbit Farm 69, duzee?

BIRD: Who knows? Maybe he's not even a writer.

BUFFALO: Yeah, dat figures.

BIRD: Laters.


(telephone rings)

BUFFALO: Captain Nemo, you say? Sure, put him through...


Donia said...

What! This Insolent Rudder is featuring the eminent Maxim Ripyorebollokov? His Notes From Pubistan have long been ogled by the eyes of the world's cognoscenti. What a coup for The Rudder.

And you mean to say that Marja Hagborg, cartoonist ne plus ultra, has joined the crew?

Congratulations, Birdy and Buff, for rowing with the avant garde. (Maybe the Suave Swede will give you a place in steerage.)

Nonnie Augustine said...

Clever chaps, wot?