Friday, July 27, 2007


BIRD: What's all the commotion, Buff? Sounds like a fookin' Saturn rocket taking off outside me window.

BUFFALO: Precisely, Birdy. The Hudster and yours truly are launching our new website.

BIRD: Lord Helpus, not another Toe Jam product, or the electric snake knives again?

BUFFALO: No, it's legitimate this time, more or less. It's my critically-acclaimed video documentary, innit?

BIRD: Politically defamed, did you say? Hang on, I'll just take this banana out of my ear.

BUFFALO: Dude, I'm surreal, the trade zines praised the ever-loving bejasus out of it.

BIRD: What's it on about, then? Porn from Pubistan, or Scoutmasters in rut?

BUFFALO: Scale modeling, my avian chum.

BIRD: Anorexic clothes horses getting weighed in for the runway, is it?

BUFFALO: Hardly. It's about the blokes who build steam engines and such, from scratch. Engines, locomotives, boats, cars, airplanes, etc.

BIRD: Steam-powered airplanes? You've gone off your wicket, Buffers.

BUFFALO: It's the fair dinkum, mate. On DVD and all. We've got a wikked website, with pictures and what-not.

BIRD: All right then, fork it over and I'll paste it up on the bulletin board.

BUFFALO: Will do. If the buckos start rolling in, I'm coming to East Fenwick for an extended pub crawl. Should generate lots of grist for the blog mill, innit.

BIRD: No doubt, if the Censors don't get onto us. Any leggy birds in this cinematic masterpiece?

BUFFALO: Dude, it's festooned with models, weren't you listening?

BIRD: Models, right. But are they hot, like?

BUFFALO: Dude, they're totally steaming!

BIRD: Very well, but I hope they're in good taste. . . or taste good.

BUFFALO: You won't regret it.

BIRD: That's what you said about the deal with the Venusians.

BUFFALO: How was I to know they were negotiating with Tannhauser?

BIRD: All right, I'll post it, but I want some action from one of those models.

BUFFALO: Consider it done.

BIRD: Video at eleven?

BUFFALO: Sarnoff, Sarnoff!

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Nonnie Augustine said...

Hilarious promotion B & B.