Saturday, August 29, 2009


Reminiscent of a telephone conversation I had with my agent one hoary night in May, Fate Go Fugg Yerself Part 2 leads us into a labyrinthine world of winners and losers and cosmic sages with ample time but little ambulatory inclincation. When my agent asked me whether I felt it was acceptable to rhyme "thimble" with "titball" I gave an unequivocable "No!" And this, the second poem in a series of ten, or more, seems to say to us, if we are humble and hungry enough to listen - "Yes!" Or is it, "Oh, no!" Not since Shakespeare's Lost Cornets For Hornets cycle has a poem hit the dizzy heights of solemn triumphalist confrontation and celebration with a small C. "To eat the world's jewel on the blackboard of rhyme" - it categorically doesn't get any better than that. If Shakespeare were alive today, he'd be squeezing out melons in sheer delight at the deconstructive interrogatory tone of what is undoubtedly the masterpiece of the as yet anonymous poet's contemplative irrigation. Hit!

Brett Trivia-Bricking-Shitezer IV Jnr.

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