Saturday, December 01, 2007


BIRD: Yup, it's true, Buff. We have officially become the cultural ambassadors for Bouvet Island. And henceforth they have agreed to replace their flag with our logo.

BUFFALO: Wikkid! Now wot about da chicks, like, innit, wasshappin, dude?

BIRD: Been at the sherry trifle again, I fear. It's uninhabited, like. But I'm sure Miss Bouvet Island, 2007, a vegetarian, will oblige with the formalities.

BUFFALO: Nice! Anyone for seconds?

BIRD: Yaaap!

BUFFALO: Three cheers for the logo and Marja, the whizzo with the coloured stick! Hip, hip...

B&B: Hooray!

BUFFALO: Hip, hip...

B&B: Hooray!

BUFFALO: Hip, hip...

B&B: Hoorayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

BUFFALO: Oh, fudge rocket, I've soiled myself.

BIRD: Nice! Film at eleven.

BUFFALO: Unlimited T-shirts, mugs and assorted memorabilly-ya at twelve. Arf, arf!


Donia said...

Who is this fabulous Marja who created this logo? I'll wager she's been hiding her light under a sand dune down thar on Bouvet Island. Now things are gonna change, and we'll hear more of this gal.

A great relief to see that Boidie is attempting to keep the aul Buff up to snuff. Lotsa luck there, redhead!

peggy said...

Marja did a great job and I love all your funny stuff, excellent fun!