Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hally Loo Ya!

Buffalo: Dude, they totally gave me a new air conditoner... well, one that works, anyway. It's kicking out cool air, I am as happy as a puppy with two peters... makes for better shagging, too, if I do get lucky...

Bird: Well, there's always that oversexed hairy walrus that keeps knocking at your door. Any old port hole in a storm, eh?

Buffalo: No kidding. Guess who's threatening to stop by after work for a bit of tea and crumpet? Right. I'm not holding my breath.

Bird: But I thought she didn't do Belgians?

Buffalo: Or Vikings.

Bird: But she might enjoy it with Britishers or New Zealanders.

Buffalo: Or Belgian Vikings, of which I am one (Garey High Vikings, Class of MCMLXIV).

Bird: Got the picture?

Buffalo: Yes, alas... it's rather painful to view, though. I look rather "presidential" in that portrait. Rather shattering to one's self-esteem.

Bird: Scan it and bung it in an e-mail, dude.

Buffalo: Roger to that. It is strange, however, how many people can be very good at sex but crap at the rest of it, don't ya think?

Bird: Like the ones who immediately go into snore mode after the Big Bang?

Buffalo: Yeah, but what a sweet sleep that is...

Bird: Unless the snorer is lying on top of the snoree and the latter is pinioned and smothered. But too kind and considerate to disturb such a sweet sleep. and the snoree has to pee--desperately!

Buffalo: Ah, for want of a walrus blow job special with all the trimmings.

Bird: Too much talking. Not enough rogering.

Buffalo: I'll drink to that.

Bird: Have to go and take care of some sick cats. Film at eleven.

Buffalo: Arf, arf!

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